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I am driving in my car. I am walking up the hill. 
Jane Steuerwald & Juneyup Yi 

Jane Steuerwald and Juneyup Yi interweave personal images in this work exploring childhood sensation and memory. Parallel moments are experienced by the filmmakers as triggered by the sight, sound, smell, touch and emotional response to rain - in the way Marcel Proust uses the taste of a biscuit in "Remembrances of Things Past".

Steuerwald's recollection of being driven home from school by her mother, rolling down the car window, and listening to and smelling rain on the pavement, is paired with Yi's story of walking up a hill to his school in Seoul in the rain. He remembers wet gingko leaves on the ground; she remembers the liquid sounds of rain. Yi recalls how he felt listening to the little girls in his class chattering like birds. Steuerwald recreates an event from her childhood - playing in a packing crate playhouse with her friends.

The piece combines Super 8 and 16mm film with digital video. The music was performed by Steuerwald's children, aged 10 and 14. The piece was shot in locations in New York, New Jersey, and Seoul, South Korea.