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Rocket Experts 

Based on a Fourth of July weekend in upstate New York, the film captures the essence of the ties that bind a family together across generations.

At the center of the sound design is a live performance by the filmmaker’s mother at the 1964 World's Fair, in the New Jersey Pavilion. Additional music includes two of her piano recitals, age 12. Conversations between family members throughout the course of the weekend are intercut with the music.

The text within the piece is excerpted from a letter written by her great-uncle, a HAM radio operator, Fred Gutberlet. When communicating via radio to his contacts around the globe, he would handwrite his ideas, type them out, and record them on open-reel tape. He talked about where he lived, his thoughts on politics, media, and his life in the country. The text overlay is from one of his typed letters.